Exhibition Consultancy

Trade show management and exhibitor coaching

Exhibition consultancy and directing

Management and service for organizers, exhibitors and the wind industry


Our customers are project managers, managing directors and members of supervisory boards. We are acting as consultants, sales agents, interim managers and project managers.


We are working for exhibitors (B2B) and other agencies. We specialize in lead management, evaluation, trade fair controlling, return on investment, budget management, exhibition directing and full service inclusive of design and stand building.

WindEnergy Network

Our customers are wind energy beginners  from other sectors or industries. We give advice and open the right doors. We assist in creating effective sales activities in order to generate a higher turnover. 

Team Players

Awesome dedicated people.
The exhibition consultancy is working since 1998 with a wonderful team of employees, free lancers, specialists, advisors and
partner agencies. Depending on task and challenges we react flexibly and with a very close look to overheads and feasibility.

Project Management

Messe-Regisseur.  Exhibition enthusiast . Fecke is organizer from head to toe. He is a lead management lover, experienced exhibitor, longterm trade fair director and always a thrilled visitor.


International Sales Management

Concept & Online Strategy


International Business Development

Media Design

International Marketing Strategy & Event

Sales Agents

International Exhibition Consultants

Trade Fair Management and international exhibitors services

MESSE: Fecke is a Germany based exhibition consultancy. Our headquarters are in the south west of Germany very close to Stuttgart, Freiburg and the French city of Strasbourg.
The company is concentrating on exhibition and trade fair consulting. Our customers are trade show organizers and international exhibitors.

International organizers

Services for international organizers are mainly helping them to find exhibitors, sponsors and specialized visitors. We also act as sales agents for organizers abroad.
Other organizers use our expertise in order to set up market and run their conferences in Germany and France.

Wind energy expertise

Our CEO, Hanno Fecke., was a longterm director of the leading international trade fair in wind energy in Husum but also director of Messe Offenburg thus familiar with very large event management and facility management.
Before that Hanno Fecke was director of a trade fair lead management and marketing agency.

International exhibitors

For international exhibitors we provide advice, consultancy, project management and full service.
For all your request just send us an email or talk to us on skype: hannofecke


Professionals about professionals
Ulli Hammer
Ulli HammerDirector, HANNOVER MESSE Worldwide Events
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I know Hanno as a very knowledgeable, enterprising individual with particular expertise in the wind energy and trade fair industries. Customers come first in Hanno's world and one can always expect a smile along with flawless service. From many a business trip and professional relationships, Hanno knows the U.S. market and excels in transatlantic dealmaking.
Nicole Weinhold
Nicole WeinholdChefredakteurin, Magazin ERNEUERBARE ENERGIEN
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In my opinion, as CEO Hanno Fecke has shown excellent manager qualities for large trade fair projects. With his help the world’s leading wind power fair grew bigger and bigger: Around 1,200 exhibitors and 36,000 visitors from 95 nations attended the event 2010. It was his networking talent that motivated companies from so many different nations to travel.

Get in touch

Thanks for looking. We’d love to hear from you.

If you’d like to talk exhibitions, events or wind energy we’d love to hear from you, just contact us or fill out the email form.


South-West of Germany 10 kilometres away from Strasbourg in France.

External market research in wind energy

Wind Energy Network

Competition watch,
trend scouting
and business
partner acquisition

We are participating on behalf of our clients in all the major wind energy events. After more than 15 years in the industry we are
very well acquainted with all kinds of people in wind energy.

Wind energy professionals

We talk to leading owners, operators, turbine manufacturers, material suppliers, wind technicians, managers, health and safety professionals and other specialists.

We can gather information, scout for trends, shop around and compare offers.
External market research can become very easy.
In this manner you may reduce your travel expenses and collect information anonymously.

Our objectives are:

  • Gathering and analyzing data on current and future wind energy market trends
    Identifying and managing current and potential clients
  • Analyzing the company’s strenghths and weaknesses in order to enhance future performance in wind energy related business
  • Assisting company’s managers in making informed and sound business decisions to sustain and improve competitive position of the organization within the wind industry

We do this on an honorary and lump sum basis.

Lead management and return on investment


Measure exhibiting results and return on investment for shows in Germany

We will assist you in developing a good lead management, measurement and benchmarking system.
This will help you to determine whether you should continue exhibiting at a specific trade show in Europe and if so to what degree.
In this way it is possible to identify your exhibit program’s strengths and weaknesses from an inter cultural business point of view.
We will create benchmarks for comparing exhibition versus exhibition, show versus last show, and even trade shows compared to other sales and marketing media.

Win the game

For you to win the game of exhibiting in Germany you should have a score keeping process for your shows in Europe. 
In co-operation with our exhibition consultancy we will look at seven basic measurements: Exhibit budget versus actual budget. At show and post show sales. Quantity and quality of Leads. Cost per lead and cost per interaction. Last but not least we will measure your return on investment.
This way we will assist you in justifying your investment in Germany and change from “expensive appearances” into profit centers.
We do this on an honorary basis.

Photo: By Sylwia Bartyzel

Visitor Marketing for your show in Germany


Double your leads

If you are exhibiting in Germany you will have high travel expenses. Possibly you are not really

familiar with the German market. Within Europe Germany is one of the strongest economies. Therefor you might consider focusing your marketing activities on German visitors. In this respect it is quite useful to advertise, to do PR work and also to send invitations to your potential German customers. If you really are into increasing your leads, it makes sense to have support by a German exhibition consultancy.

Marketing activities

With some planning and well prepared marketing activities before and during the exhibition you will be able to double the number of qualified visitors for your business.
Part of our service is cooperation with trade media and conceptual sponsors
We take care for press releases to the most important trade journals as well as online publications and blogs
We will arrange for appointments with your customers and also with possible partners.
During the show our agency will equally assist you in attracting additional visitors to your booth.

Emotional Events

Creating emotional events on your booth and adding a personal note to your presentation will make your German customers feel good. And business -believe it or not – is all about feeling good with your business partners.

We are usually engaged on a freelance basis.

Exhibitor coaching for participations in Germany


Coaching process

Enhancing the emotional
experience of your events
in business.

Objective Coaching  
Assessing your portfolio An in-depth evaluation of your event marketing schedule will result in event selection and budget suggestions that will optimize your event-mix strategy.
Event Strategy An exhibit and event plan will be created, defining measurable objectives and results, target markets, strategy and tactics for a single or a series of events.
Competitive Assessment An analysis of your competitors’ exhibit and event activities will lead to a better differentiation of your event marketing strategy.
Visitor Acquisition and Retention Scheme Proposals will be made to improve your audience/visitor promotion and retention strategy
Budget Analysis A comprehensive evaluation of your budgets will define possible cost savings.
Virtual Event and Social Media Strategy Social media and virtual events will complement and sometimes replace conventional exhibitions. MESSE: Fecke will develop your online marketing strategy.

 MESSE: Fecke will provide special exhibitor coaching for trade fair participations in Germany.

Door Openers for the new kids in wind energy

Wind Energy Network

Access to the market

Sometimes the only thing necessary is
to know the right people to
open doors.

If you are planning on a market entry into the wind energy sector you may consider engaging our agency as wind energy ambassador.
So if you don’t want to stay new kids in wind energy you are most welcome to use us as door openers.


An in case you are looking into recruitment we act also as wind energy head hunters for you.

We have very good contacts to leading owners, operators, turbine manufacturers, material suppliers, wind technicians, managers, health and safety specialists and other professionals within
the industry.

We assist you on freelance and on lump sum basis.

Full Exhibition Service for foreign exhibitors


External Project Management

If you are planning to participate in a German, Suisse or French exhibition we 

may organize a complete turnkey ready project. We arrange for a design proposal, the invitation to tender, site management, set up and supervision: Full Exhibition Service for foreign exhibitors.

Cost reduction

The additional cost for an exhibition consultancy will pay off largely because of cost reduction in the complete process. We also arrange for the local advertising including print and web marketing. We organize all event and hybrid events inclusive of the necessary man power. Lead management, follow up and evaluation are part of our service.

We do this on an honorary and lump sum basis

Sales Agents for international organizers


in Germany and

Are you an organizer outside Germany and outside France ?

Would you like to have more

  • visitors,
  • exhibitors,
  • sponsors,
  • journalists ,
  • delegations
  • and high ranking politicians

from Germany or and France to participate at your exhibition?

If you have an interesting show and a sufficient business development budget we may act as your international sales agents and representative office.
Our Agency is placed in Germany but only 15 Kilometres away from the French city of Strasbourg (Seat of the European Parliament).


Here are some basics you should know if you are looking for French and German exhibitors:

  • Unfortunately first time events are not very popular with German or with French exhibitors.

  • There is a list of well known national and international exhibitions for every branch of industry. Especially Germany has a lot of internationally leading trade fairs.

  • German exhibitors tend to have a look as visitors to a show before deciding to exhibit outside Germany.
  • French exhibitors rather like to be part of a French pavilion.

Timing is crucial

  • In general international exhibition policy and the corresponding budget is fixed one fiscal year ahead. Decisions are usually made in November of the year preceding the actual exhibitions.
  • Marketing and sales have to be started at least 12 months before the event. The corresponding cost have to be communicated to the decision makers latest by November of the year before the event.

  • Make no mistake. Exhibition policy in Germany and France is not determined by marketing managers alone. Very often it is the sales department or the general management deciding where to exhibit.
  • The sales people have to be convinced that a specific country is representing an interesting market. Or that to be present at a specific show is necessary to be successful in that country.


  • A good way of attracting German/French exhibitors is to acquire a German/French pavilion.
  • International participations within a German/French pavilion are in general subsidised by the governments in Germany and France.
  • Again the choice of exhibitions suitable for government subsidies are made way ahead of the show. 

  • Germany is a federal republic therefore there are additionally  German state pavilions. So you may find pavilions from the state of Bavaria, North Rhine Westphalia or Niedersachsen or Baden Württemberg. These states are economically strong in different sectors.
  • Concerning your show the corresponding industry clusters have to be identified and contacted.
  • It is very helpful to invite political and economical delegations before looking into pavilions.

  • It needs advertising and public relations  in Germany and France. The event calendars (online and print) need to be informed regularly about your show. Every branch of industry has particular magazines and online platforms

Business Associations

  • Business Associations play a major role in determining international exhibition policy. So inviting their representatives to accompanying conferences or panel discussions might prove helpful. Many associations want to be paid for their services.

  • It might be even useful to organize a press tour to your exhibition in order to create additional German and French press coverage.

  • Sometimes also a co-operation with national organizers in Germany and France is possible.

Our agency MESSE: Fecke is familiar with the procedures necessary to build up a strong presence of German/French exhibitors, visitors and delegations.
As former director of internationally leading trade fairs our CEO, Hanno Fecke, knows how to build up an international reputation for your show in Germany and France.

As sales agents and representatives we offer the complete range of services.
We do this as exclusive partners for Germany and or France on a general fee basis (monthly lump sum) offset against commission plus travel expenses.
We co-operate on a long term basis only. We do not act on a pure commission basis.
(If you don’t have sufficient business development funds please do not contact us.)

What you can expect from us:

  • market analysis concerning your show and its chances to attract visitors, delegations, sponsors and exhibitors from France and Germany
  • Public relations

  • Marketing
    • intercultural and language check on your advertising materials
    • Creating and managing corresponding databases

  • Acquisition (mainly on trade shows in France and Germany)
    •     Appointments with decision makers
    •     Market research
    •     Sales
    •     Management, training and supervision of sales teams
    •     nomination of Speakers for conferences and forums

  • Co-operation with business associations, Clusters, State agencies and other organizers
  • Organization of political, business and press delegations

Your local office in France or Germany

If required we may setup your local German or French office. Strasbourg (France) is only ten minutes away. In this way you may have a German or a French office representing your company without very high overheads with people speaking English, French and German.
We do this on an honorary, lumps sum or commission basis plus travel fees and allowances.

Fecke Consulting operative trade fair background


Exhibition- and
Event Background
Hanno Fecke

Hanno Fecke founded the exhibition consultancy in 1998 after seven years work
in a leading exhibitions service company in Germany.
Fecke was project manager for many exhibitions booths in the US, Europe
and Asia before he became an exhibition director.

Trade fair experience

He gained a lot of trade fair experience in different functions:
Trade show director, Chairman, Organizer, Project manager, CEO  (2002-2014)
Here is a short list of trade fairs he was responsible for: 

Exhibiton/Eventsqm   Target group
Abwasser.Praxis 2.000Conference, B2B
Ambiente Husum 4.000

Consumer show

Badische Weinmesse 2.000

Trade fair

Balance    3.000

Consumer show

Bauen & Wohnen, Gartenzeit12.000Consumer show
Berufsinfomesse 8.000

Trade fair

biogas- expo & congress 2.000

Conference, B2B

Earlybird Lifestyle Hannover15.000Lifestyle Trade fair
Ecomobil 1.500Conference
GeoTherm -expo & congress12.000International leading trade fair
Husum Wellness 3.000Consumer Show
HusumBau 6.000Regional trade fair
HUSUM WindEnergy45.000International leading trade fair
HUSUMwind Hannover15.000Trade fair, B2B
Messe & Event Nord Chairman of the association
new energy husum10.000Internationale trade fair
Nordgastro & Hotel 7.000Regional trade fair, B2B
Oberrhein Messe   40.000Consumer Show
Windenergie expo & congress 2.000Conference

Also the Fecke Consulting operative trade fair background is based on Exhbition Consultancy since 1998.

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Trade Fair Management and international exhibitors services


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Fecke Consulting, sole proprietorship, owner Hanno Fecke,
Bahnhofstr. 24, 77746 Schutterwald , Germany
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MESSE: Fecke the German exhibition consultancy for international exhibitors and organizers.

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MESSE: Fecke, sole proprietorship, owner Hanno Fecke,
International Exhibition Consultants
Bahnhofstr. 24, 77746 Schutterwald , Germany
Mobil:   +49-160-99638012
Office:  +49-781-20553065
Tax number: 14181/45608

Trade Fair Management and international exhibitors services

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Contact us

MESSE: Fecke
The Exhibition Consultancy

Hanno Fecke,
Bahnhofstr. 24
77746 Schutterwald , Germany
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Office:  +49-781-20553065
Fax:     +49-3222-4266180

Tax Number: 14181/45608

Problem solvers

Whether you’re looking for answers and new strategies, would like to solve a problem, or just want to let us know how you are doing, you’ll find many ways to contact us right here.