lead management



Measure exhibiting results and return on investment for shows in Germany

We will assist you in developing a good lead management, measurement and benchmarking system.
This will help you to determine whether you should continue exhibiting at a specific trade show in Europe and if so to what degree.
In this way it is possible to identify your exhibit program's strengths and weaknesses from an inter cultural business point of view.
We will create benchmarks for comparing exhibition versus exhibition, show versus last show, and even trade shows compared to other sales and marketing media.

Win the game

For you to win the game of exhibiting in Germany you should have a score keeping process for your shows in Europe. 
In co-operation with our exhibition consultancy we will look at seven basic measurements: Exhibit budget versus actual budget. At show and post show sales. Quantity and quality of Leads. Cost per lead and cost per interaction. Last but not least we will measure your return on investment.
This way we will assist you in justifying your investment in Germany and change from "expensive appearances" into profit centers.
We do this on an honorary basis.

Photo: By Sylwia Bartyzel www.sylwiabartyzel.com