Sales Agents



Your representative in Germany and France

Are you an organizer outside Germany and outside France ?

Would you like to have more

  • visitors,
  • exhibitors,
  • sponsors,
  • journalists ,
  • delegations
  • and high ranking politicians

from Germany or and France to participate at your exhibition?

If you have an interesting show and a sufficient business development budget we may act as your international sales agents and representative office.
Our Agency is placed in Germany but only 15 Kilometres away from the French city of Strasbourg (Seat of the European Parliament).


Here are some basics you should know if you are looking for French and German exhibitors:

  • Unfortunately first time events are not very popular with German or with French exhibitors.

  • There is a list of well known national and international exhibitions for every branch of industry. Especially Germany has a lot of internationally leading trade fairs.

  • German exhibitors tend to have a look as visitors to a show before deciding to exhibit outside Germany.
  • French exhibitors rather like to be part of a French pavilion.

Timing is crucial

  • In general international exhibition policy and the corresponding budget is fixed one fiscal year ahead. Decisions are usually made in November of the year preceding the actual exhibitions.
  • Marketing and sales have to be started at least 12 months before the event. The corresponding cost have to be communicated to the decision makers latest by November of the year before the event.

  • Make no mistake. Exhibition policy in Germany and France is not determined by marketing managers alone. Very often it is the sales department or the general management deciding where to exhibit.
  • The sales people have to be convinced that a specific country is representing an interesting market. Or that to be present at a specific show is necessary to be successful in that country.


  • A good way of attracting German/French exhibitors is to acquire a German/French pavilion.
  • International participations within a German/French pavilion are in general subsidised by the governments in Germany and France.
  • Again the choice of exhibitions suitable for government subsidies are made way ahead of the show. 

  • Germany is a federal republic therefore there are additionally  German state pavilions. So you may find pavilions from the state of Bavaria, North Rhine Westphalia or Niedersachsen or Baden Württemberg. These states are economically strong in different sectors.
  • Concerning your show the corresponding industry clusters have to be identified and contacted.
  • It is very helpful to invite political and economical delegations before looking into pavilions.

  • It needs advertising and public relations  in Germany and France. The event calendars (online and print) need to be informed regularly about your show. Every branch of industry has particular magazines and online platforms

Business Associations

  • Business Associations play a major role in determining international exhibition policy. So inviting their representatives to accompanying conferences or panel discussions might prove helpful. Many associations want to be paid for their services.

  • It might be even useful to organize a press tour to your exhibition in order to create additional German and French press coverage.

  • Sometimes also a co-operation with national organizers in Germany and France is possible.

Our agency MESSE: Fecke is familiar with the procedures necessary to build up a strong presence of German/French exhibitors, visitors and delegations.
As former director of internationally leading trade fairs our CEO, Hanno Fecke, knows how to build up an international reputation for your show in Germany and France.

As sales agents and representatives we offer the complete range of services.
We do this as exclusive partners for Germany and or France on a general fee basis (monthly lump sum) offset against commission plus travel expenses.
We co-operate on a long term basis only. We do not act on a pure commission basis.
(If you don't have sufficient business development funds please do not contact us.)

What you can expect from us:

  • market analysis concerning your show and its chances to attract visitors, delegations, sponsors and exhibitors from France and Germany
  • Public relations

  • Marketing
    • intercultural and language check on your advertising materials
    • Creating and managing corresponding databases

  • Acquisition (mainly on trade shows in France and Germany)
    •     Appointments with decision makers
    •     Market research
    •     Sales
    •     Management, training and supervision of sales teams
    •     nomination of Speakers for conferences and forums

  • Co-operation with business associations, Clusters, State agencies and other organizers
  • Organization of political, business and press delegations

Your local office in France or Germany

If required we may setup your local German or French office. Strasbourg (France) is only ten minutes away. In this way you may have a German or a French office representing your company without very high overheads with people speaking English, French and German.
We do this on an honorary, lumps sum or commission basis plus travel fees and allowances.